Vifaru Soccer Academy Founder Talks Why Institution Was Started, And The Major Challenges Overcome During The Pandemic Period.

Founder Also Urged sponsors to come on board through partnerships to help put the right structures in place that will aid the young players to compete locally and internationally

Vfaru Soccer Academy was set up this year in January with the sole vision of providing a platform for children to play, learn and develop their skills to a level where they can play internationally because we do believe this talent is available in Kenya.

The decision to start an Academy during a pandemic was not a straightforward one, yet the passion behind the objective was stronger than the prevailing circumstances. We opened on January 23rd 2021 with 15 students. We had already identified 12 children living within Huruma and Mathare, with great talent. And together with my 3 children were the first players for VSA. These numbers grew to 21 in February and a further 28 in March.

And then the 2nd lockdown came. All sporting activities along with other activities were suspended from March 27th. It was a hard time for us because this is when the Academy was getting known and getting to reach more players. The existing players were already used to the program and were getting used to the training as well as being active. And then we had to stop. The children could not understand why they couldn’t train, and I remember for the next 3 or so days, some children would still come to the field hoping training was still on.

It wasn’t easy also for our operations as our team still needed a salary or some form of support as part of the VIfaru Soccer Academy family. However, through God’s grace, we managed to go through this lockdown which fortunately did not last very long as we resumed training on May 2nd, much to everyone’s relief.

All things happen for a reason. We believe very strongly in Vifaru Soccer Academy and our plans to professionally train these truly skilled, passionate, and disciplined young players and to partner with organizations that will support us in putting the right structures in place to help these players compete locally and internationally. 

These are partners who can support us in training and up-skilling our coaches, partners who can provide international tryouts and placement for the very talented players, partners who can support our local league that is planned for February 2022, and partners who can support the running of our day-to-day operations.

Vifaru Soccer Academy is all about equality in opportunity – and this is the reason we set up the institution in one of the lower-income areas of Nairobi; where children, because of no other major past time or distraction, play football much, much more than those in higher-income areas and are therefore mostly more skilled because of the number of hours they put in. 

They deserve equality in access to professional training and development and exposure to competitive leagues, just like their peers in higher-income areas are.


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