About Vifaru Sports Academy

VIFARU SOCCER ACADEMY is based in Nairobi, Kenya, and was set up with the vision of providing opportunities for young players to play, learn, and enjoy football with the aim of instilling discipline and preparing them for elite football.

Our training curriculum fosters holistic growth of all our players through our well designed programs and methodologies that have been developed in line with FKF guidelines.

Our programs prepare footballers (outfield/goalkeepers) to tap into their football talents. Players will:

• Make significant improvements to their individual techniques
• Hone their skills in group dynamics and playing formations
• Acquire rhythm and intensity of the game to international
• Learn to play with intelligence and focus
• Learn to effectively assimilate team tactics
• Learn discipline

"To see children grow and use their sporting talents."

"Teach and train sports to children who love playing sports and provide a platform to children who possess talent and discipline to grow, nurture and use their God-given sporting gift."

· Passion: both player and coach must have a passion and love for the sport. A player must never be forced to participate in a sport the player is not willing to. A player should have fun while playing. A coach should have fun while coaching.
· Dedication: commitment to training.
· Integrity: honesty, accountability, responsibility and respect to the sport and fellow man.
· Discipline: drive yourself, do things right, do the right thing.